NodeJS fs walk() or glob or fast-glob

31 August 2019   0 comments   JavaScript

It started with this:

function walk(directory, filepaths = []) {
    const files = fs.readdirSync(directory);
    for (let filename of files) {
        const filepath = path.join(directory, filename);
        if (fs.statSync(filepath).isDirectory()) {
            walk(filepath, filepaths);
        } else if (path.extname(filename) === '.md') {
    return filepaths;

And you use it like this:

const foundFiles = walk(someDirectoryOfMine);

I thought, perhaps it's faster or better to use glob. So I installed that.
Then I found, fast-glob which sounds faster. You use both in a synchronous way.

I have a directory with about 450 files, of which 320 of them are .md files. Let's compare:

walk: 10.212ms
glob: 37.492ms
fg: 14.200ms

I measured it using console.time like this:

const foundFiles = walk(someDirectoryOfMine);

I suppose those packages have other fancier features but, I guess this just goes to show, keep it simple.


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