Jed looking like Emacs

28 September 2005   0 comments   Linux

Mind that age!

This blog post is 15 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

Thanks to the author himself of Jed (my favourite programming editor) I can now make my Jed look like a colour theme very common on Emacs

The end result, so far, looks like the thumbnail right here. I've taken John's good start and fine-tuned it a bit myself to make it suit me even more. Unfortunately I don't yet know how to get my console to take up these colours so I've had to add the following hack to my .jedrc because colours are defined differently in X as they are in xterm/konsole/Eterm:

set_color_scheme ("peter-emacs");
set_color_scheme ("black3");

(if you're a Windows user, replace #ifdef XWINDOWS with #ifdef XWINDOWS MSWINDOWS) The console I use is Eterm and I'm sure it's going to be possible to set it up to use these colours even over SSH.

What is cool about John's advise is that he wrote a script in 30 lines that creates a histogram of the screenshot I provided and from that he was able to tell what all the colours were. I'm stunned!

I'll keep working on this now and to get it working in jed (not only Xjed) and upload updates either here on the jedmodes site. If you want to try it, download and place it in your /usr/share/jed/lib/colors directory.


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