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10 November 2003   0 comments   Misc. links

Mind that age!

This blog post is 17 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical. Marketplace - Sell Your Stuff Today when I went to it immediately knew who I was (without having to log in) and what I've bought recently. It then calculated how much I could make if I sold these items using the Marketplace

My Marketplace message

This a brilliant use of web technology since it's not an emulation of what can be done in a physical store. I.e. you would never be welcomed by a sales clerk in a shop who says: "Hello again Peter. Last month you bought X, Y and Z. If you want to we can attempt to sell it on to someone else and we take only a small share".

I don't know what Amazon's cut is on the profit but obviously they've taken all factors into play. They take a cut on selling a DVD, then they can take a cut on selling it again!. Plus they get all the other marketing benefits with it at the same time.

As soon as I'm bored with the DVDs I bought that I can sell I will attempt sell them using this feature.


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