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I heared this song which goes’give me a chance to be your lover, there’s no other who can do it fo me, I am the one who just can set you free’ sung in the early 90’s. Can you get it

human being

i have been having two songs stuck in my head both of which i only remember the first lines
the first song starts out with - the future burns like a cigarette
the second song starts with - im just tryna find a way to get out of my mind


Hey, does anyone know a pop/edm song with the main lyrics “but I see the good in you”. Singer is female sounds a lot like Selena Gomez, but I don’t think it’s her...thank you 😭😭


Hey! I'm looking for a song that has an "AJJ" kind of feel to it. Not sure if it's actually AJJ.
The lyrics I can remember go like this (male singer):
"And she tells me she tells me..."
"Keep on running, keep on (???)"
"and hold on, hold on"
"hold on for your life" (or hold onto your life)
Thank you guys, I'd appreciate it if someone found it! I can't find it anywhere.


Well here goes nothing. I have been trying to find a song for decades now, literally. No radio station knows it or the artist. I'd have though I dreamt it if it weren't for the fact that I have a cassette recording of it. Sounds like either British or Australian group, male singer. Guitar strumming, some flute during chorus. Lyrics:
Justine you woke up today.. feeling your world had changed...wandering alone by the sea ....feeling ???
Blue as the ocean, blue as the sky ?? of memories of clouds pass you by OR The more that I give you, the more that you need, what is the hunger that brought you to me?
Justine the promise was broken, Justine the promise was made, well I-I-I-I once had it all, but the dream slipped away.

This song is from the 80's I believe or early 90's. Very gentle, almost folkish. They also sang another song possibly called "Gimme Your Love". Anyone out there have any idea???


I am looking for this song too! Do you have Shazam on your phone? If you play that with Shazam on, it might find the song. If you find it please share! Thanks - Stephanie


I'm going to find the cassette again and get my friend to try Shazam and other apps. Will let you know if something comes out of it. Glad to know someone else who has actually heard the song. :) How is it possible that even the lyrics don't exist online? This song used to play regularly on local radio station! Weird.

Rebecca kellsey

Hi everyone I was working with some people from France over the summer and they kept playing this song and I forgot what it was called but I don’t really know the lyrics. it was sung by a guy and it was a kinda fast pop/rap song and after some of the verses it would go do do do (sorry if that’s useless but it kinda sounded more like toe doe doe ) there was also a part that sounded like chante de vie chante de vison (my French is probably wrong and that might not even be in the same song whoops) but if anyone knows this song or songs if there separate that would be amazing:)

Thanks guys


Looking for a song that I remember saying "do it, do it, they do it all the time" at the end of it. It's not by I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME. It sounded kinda like Wallows in terms of sound.


Looking for an old rock song that have part of this lyric
oh babe what can I do (repeat many times)
and I hope you don't get lonely since I will playing with the boys all night (something like this)
oh babe what can I do


"Beth" by KISS

Sophie Ley-Hornsey

Looking for a song that was in The End of the F***ing World 2 episode 3 when James says "I love you" to Alyssa: PLEASE HELP!

Won't you stay awhile?
Come sit next to me
On the silver lane
In the lost city
Feel the solar rays
Their velocity


Vale - Graham Coxon

Sophie Ley-Hornsey

Thank you so much!!!!!! You're a legend hahaha

Chichi ike

Um I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "I'm standing in silence with one thought in mind,I am loved my God" it's a gospel song,please help me


I am looking for a song that made me want to post it here so the song goes something like this, or as close as my memory recall of it on youtube. it is sung by a male and using auto-tune?

"I wanted to run, I wanted to run together." Some words I can't remember... "I will see you on the other side, with me [Or you?]"

Tricia singh

I’m looking for a song that plays on a advertisement on tv “I see nothing in a different way and it’s my moment so I just got to say nothing is everything”


I'm looking for a song where I'm pretty sure part of the chorus's lyrics are "I really like you and if you, like me too, maybe....." The song sounds like a Carly Rae Jepsen/Cher Lloyd type of pop song, so definitely from a couple years ago. The melody for the chorus is kinda bouncy and she sings it almost as if its like a playground song lol.

If it helps the melody kinda sounds like this:
da duh da da duh, da da da duh da duh
(high low higher high low, high higher x2 high higher higher)

Seunga Kim

Are you sure it isn't I Really Like You by Carly Rae Jepsen?

Don Helms

"Call Me, Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen?

Chris Ward Jr

And baby this love knows all about your body yeah it's the perfect kind of love it was just what to do

Please help me and tell me who sing that song


I’m looking for a song goes like ‘you say you love me and I know you don’t need it I gave you everything soon as you ask now you don’t call me don’t call me back you keep the money I don’t need that you’re fucked up and I’m gonna rise I deleted you’re number and I’m cool with that so don’t call me don’t call me back ‘


Can someone help me find a song that's I think goes "looking for a love that lasts, remember when we used to daaaancee"

Hannah Dance

Hi guys, I'm looking for a song where the title is a woman's name, and I think some of the chorus goes like "they tell me my baby's a player"... "he says I'm his *song title*, I get better with age". The version I heard was sung by a guy, but that might have been a cover I'm not sure. Thank you!


i'm looking for a song where the song has quite a lot of pauses, and i just recently heard it on a plane

Don Helms

"Bad Guy" by Billie Eillish?


looking for a song about death or loss (?), the video has a man singing and alternates between him and 2d animated blood cells who turn into humans and dance together, one of the blood cells is dying


Don't know if you've found it by now, but I believe it might be Love me like there's No Tomorrow by Freddie Mercury? The music video is about two white blood cells :)


I am looking for a song in pes2020 mobile and the lyric goes like these
did anyone see that did anyone see what i just saw help me now


I'm looking for a song in pes2020 mobile the lyrics are "did anyone see that did anyone see what i just saw"


Heard a song last night at a Texas dive bar... sounded like Bob Dylan, but not quite as yoinky. Definitely an older song. A bit of the lyrics I heard at the end of the chorus were “youre the only one i love... and yes i'm in love with youuuuu”. Anyone know it??

talia ♡

hi guys please help me :)
so in dance moms s8 gianina has a solo called crossroads. the music had these lyrics:
"times standing still
while i wait
for ur return"
the chorus was like:
"now im not afraid
ive been waiting for this moment"....
"cause you are the (??) i cannot hear you
where did you go-ooo-o-o"
it was a soft song and i really liked it so if anyone knows it please lmk! in dance moms the music is always by not well known artists and i actually really like the music but its so hard to find lmao. ive found many songs from dm on this site but gianina's solo music i just cant find.

Seunga Kim

The song is Zero Gravity by Of Verona

Nico Davila

I’m looking for a song , I can’t quite remember the lyrics but it started off in the video with a fat black guy singing in a high pitch voice with a little kid about this girl who walked in( no offense ) but when I heard the song you were the clock that was ticking in my heart it reminded me of it


i'm looking for a song, its fast and has a great rythm, the lyrics is something like 'cuz youre afraid' 'never stops to rain' and 'back to the frames'
thank you


looking for a song, upbeat tempo, lyrics are "...your smile...don't want to believe it....take it or leave it..." heard it in a youtube video, all they credited was music not lyrics...

Ayden Moreno

I'm looking for the song that played ghrought the original trailer for homeboy, the very first, not the baller but the song that had a line similar to "And sometime(d?) I'd know I'll make it with you by my side"

Clay Flynn

Hi. I am trying to find a song from the 70s or 80s I think. It’s a slow, bluesey type of a song. Words in song are something like this. Help if you can. Thanks.
I gonna walk, gonna walk, gonna walk right on home to youuu. I used to hang around with somebody...,.

donna miller

I’m looking for this song and who sings it..tell me why can we be lovers for life for for bring me joy and hapoiness its in a reggae beat


Im looking for a song that I heard in a restaurant, it features 2 women voices singing and just an acoustic guitar, with some of the following lyrics 'you can hide whenever you want to, you can hide whenever you choose... but i know that it's something you lose ... say there wont be anymore (or 'they dont know me anymore')

Valencia Rose

I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of it but I have some lyrics:

Do you have the authority
I just need to know if you can help me out

I heard it in the video '24 With American Girl In NYC' by TwoSistersToyStyle.


I'm looking for a song -it's female song and I didn't heard exactly but maybe you associate " must look away still my heart catch my breath look my smile you betrey me his face make me clever wake me shiver can tide me tonight ..... well around me he has found me " this song play on the pianino's sad and beautiful

Fans of MØ

Hey!! can anyone help me with this lyrics'honey don't let me go,i just want to i love you...and like i just want to hold you tide...
          ☝️☝️☝️ i remember this lines....but im sure its correct n right!!! It's female voice.Someone if familiar with this lyric please help me.

SS Anyone's Guess

So there's a song I'm looking for. The song samples "Love your way" by Matthew Gooden and the lyrics go like this:

Caught up inside of this fantasy
Where anything goes like I'm in a dream
If you feel it too let's make it a reality
Come on rescue me
Come and rescue me
And it's only just begun
Want to make you all mine
Baby you're so divine

And that's all I have. I tried looking up remixes to the original song, but nothing came up.


I'm trying to find a song I heard on the alt. station a few days ago. It had the lyric "Wish I knew who you were, wish I knew who I was", and I've searched these lyrics multiple times and found nothing. I think it may have been a lesser known/newer band or singer.


Can someone help me find this Jazz song? I’ve been looking everywhere. It’s sung by a woman, and the lyrics I caught while in my Uber were...

“ ill be the girl that he calls up at three. I am the girl who will wait even sometimes when he wont appear. ill keep waiting if the waiting takes years. im the girl ”

C Squared

looking for an old song that goes like, Bye Sharma, or something like that

Don Helms

"My Sharona" by The Knack.


Hello. I am looking for a song (I cannot remember the lyrics, but I was caught by the music itself) : -female voice
-she is in a club or something and there is a guy coming by car who comes to pick her up in the end

Jake B

So I watched this one Netflix show, "The End of The F***ing World," and there's this song that comes on during episode 4 of season 2 before they enter the Inn, these were the lyrics before the song cuts out:

you know i'd sail the stormy seas
just for you to notice me
i'd fight a million wars
just to lay down at your door
And I've found-

And it cuts out there.

Kristin Tirelli

I went crazy looking for this song and it took me awhile to find it.
It's called "Beautiful Bad" by Graham Coxon

Ariel van Spronsen

That song totally got me too... so good. I'm glad I came here to find out what it was! Thanks Kristin.

Adhask Lawrence

I’m looking for a song it was already on my iPod there’s a groom sining at his own wedding lyrics r like your light blinds me it based abrupt Spain/Italy thank you poss 90,s song


I’m looking for a song with these lyrics plz help.

“When im off them yeah yeah put me in my mood i been by my lonely nah never need no crew when my phone ring i be hoping it be you”


Can anyone help with 2 songs? Both are early to mid 2000s I believe, one is a tribute to dj screw but all I remember is a chorus saying “back when my nigga dj screw was alive we was making grey tapes until the sunrise” but can’t remember who was in it but I wanna say Al-D or Mike-D and maybe Big Hawk or other screwed up clique members but it’s been buggin me for YEARS!!

The other is also a dj screw song I believe but more so lil flip I believe, I thought it was from the screw/flip ‘Royalty of Rap’ but all I remember is a chorus and an intro where it sounded like night time with birds chirping, a darker tone song, and then the chorus comes in with a deep voiced man saying ‘buy a bird break a bird’ or something similar, I assume the ‘bird’ being slang for a kilo of cocaine.

If anyone can find these I will REALLY appreciate! Been looking forever!!!

Susan Griffith

Looking for folk song,male singer,lines" You should have told the truth son"


I'm looking for this song it sounded like

 "and you knoooooow, dancing on, dancing on, dancing on the south beach" OR "as you gooooo, keep her, keep her of the first trip"

The singer is like an old man with a deep voice and this is like a mafia or group song. Please someone help me

Pratik shirke

Forget the past live for the moment NA NA NEVER EVER

Singer of this song


I’m looking for a song that goes like, “but u didn’t have to be so mean, there’s a better way to do bad things.” It also says “ you said you loved me but you hesitated”


Am looking for a song "a picture perfect night just like a dream it feels. so right everything right here all i need is you i lived my life through wishing and hoping that that you never knew and now you are standing here with me no where i would rather be"


a picture perfect night just like a dream it feels. so right everything right here all i need is you i lived my life through wishing and hoping that that you never knew and now you are standing here with me no where i would rather be

Looking for the song with this lyric


keep now keep two


older (folk sound) song that says " Do you still like me ? I hope you do, Because if you still like me I am going to Still like you.


I am looking for a song. Its 90 i think. Glamrock or rock.
Lyrics are “goodbye to the boys on the sea”.. something like that.
Many thanks

Kerry.D Hoooever

I'm looking for a song its sung by a girl it's like, "time is standing still, one look in you eyes I felt the itch, I played along and took my lick, it's okay u saved me and now im back to sit, im so clouded by the amount of shit trying to get like the others and exsist. Idk maybe that's not a song I heard it thoug

Nuru hack

Looking for background music used in making laws of love telenovela


Heard it in gym, it was something like "and your love is so sweet" and the sweet part goes really high up, and it sounds like Fall Out Boy, but it's not. Help me lol, it's been stuck in my head.


Would that be Teeth by 5 Seconds of Summer?


its like an early 2000s rock song? "gets dark in the city, thats what makes you look so pretty, thats what makes you look so pretty, with a cigarette"


Im looking for a song, either rap or hip hop. Sang by a guy the only lyrics i can think goes like one night yea aw trick yeah or something like that. Please help!


I've been looking for a song for months, it has a kind of Iron & Wine vibe, the lyrics as I remember them go like "one's gonna feed my body, two is gonna feed my soul, three's ______________, another's gonna leave me whole"

javier chong

watching me and watching you right now , yeah eh eh eh hey hey . whats this song ?


Looking for a song... not sure what the lyrics are really. I'm pretty sure it was a female singing it. The song "Out of the Darkness" by Sarah McLaughlin sounded a lot like it.

Possible lyrics
" My (heart,head) is on fire,
      can't tell where I'm (going,headed)"


I'm looking for a song says
( all this pain you can see it when i walk see it when i talk )
I couldn't find it


I'm looking for a song played in a Nollywood movie titled The baby sitters. Some of the lyrics goes like " one step two, all in the mood of helping you to know me" thanks in advance


Hi ,

I'm looking for a song, the first line goes like " Boy, when I'm walking down the street, I hope you're passing by..." as I hear it. It is dubstep I think. I've been searching it for MANY years, Shazam, SoundHound, Youtube and Google are not helping :((
Any idea would be appreciated!

Carolina Binhoto

Hi, I’m searching for the song that plays on Atypical Trailer Season 3. It starts like: "sometimes this world can get me down (_____) run me over"


I'm looking for a song I keep hearing in the GAP store, it's got a chill alternative sort of vibe to it and it's by a male singer. It goes;
"I'll be in the back room
Tell me when it's over
I can't play this part much longer"
And it repeats that and that's the chorus. Thanks!


I’m looking for a song I heard in a short video. It was a guy singing with a soft guitar, and the first part of the chorus went:

Take pity on the boy from a little town
Hoping to make your heart come round

“My Love” was repeated throughout the chorus. No one in the comments knew the song, but I’m hoping to find it. Many different apps and websites aren’t helping me to find it, so this is a last-ditch effort.

Thanks for your help!


I know what you're talking about, I'm trying to find it too. The very beginning of the song goes like "I can see your house from where I'm standing, I walked the last few miles from the train" in the middle it says "must have had a pint or two, to get the nerves to talk to you"


impossible to find, theres no exist i hear it on facebook video, then it got deleted.


I'm looking for it too, posted a request on reddit.


I’m looking for a song that goes “I used to be in love but you still have a problem, now everything has changed since you walked away”


A song I deleted a while back that I changed my mind about. roughly 120 beats per minute with some deep bass and an 8-bit style snare almost. I do believe the title is "Worth It" but I cannot remember the artist. If I recall the lyrics correctly:

"Wouldn't it be nice if it was easy?
Wouldn't it be nice if it were free?

Tell me that I'm worth it baby, tell me that you want me
I'm afraid I'm empty but girl I can be your only"


Hey guys, i'm searching for a song i used the love when i was a teen, i don't remember much of the lyrics, it was an electro song i used to listen on the channel "Proximity" but i can't find it anymore, i was sure the name was " fallin' " but i can't find it anywhere!
The song started with "Cause' i'm fallin', harder than them inside" (i'm not 100% sure english is not my language and i was still a kid)
And before the first drop the singer goes "Cause' i'm fallin, faster than the speed of light"
And before the second drop the singer goes "Cause' i'm falling falling falliiiing"

Eric ieong

Hi I'm looking for a song that is a rap song, the song got so many rhymes and the chorus will have "We need you, We feel you", and the kids will repeat "We need you, We feel you".

Also, the sound of that rapper was a little bit like Eminem but he is definitely not Eminem.

Eric ieong

Hi I'm looking for a song that is a rap song, the song got so many rhymes and the chorus will have "We need you, We feel you", and the kids will repeat "We need you, We feel you". Also, the sound of that rapper was a little bit like Eminem but he is definitely not Eminem.

Suzanne Chapman

I'm looking for a song titled "Rosanna" (I think) from the 60s. Some of the lyrics are, "Rosanna, I'm coming home, Rosanna, I'm tired of roaming. How peaceful it be... in the arms of my love"


Looking for a song with either a ukulele or a guitar in the background and a really high-pitched female voice starting off with: "I dont feel..." or "I cant ...". Rather slow tempo. HELP!


Am looking for a song that contains lyrics in the chorus like this: "Seeking for love, seeking joy, seeking for peace,... I consider....."


can someone help me with these lyrics"time is but a memory how can i say goodbye"

Hope no no

Hi i need help finding a song the beginning words are this "i hate to see you go wish you could stay awhile" thats all ik but the artist first name is Caroline I think🤔

Samson sakala

am looking for a song with this lyrics how I'm going to tell her that I don't miss you


please help me find this song! the lyrics go like “now you’ve grown out of a place where people like me fall on their face, but now...” i can’t get it out of my head

Ankur Saharan

I'm looking for a song with lyrics you my love my my love... no one above-like a dream up. on cloud nine? "


I’m trying to think of this song I used to listen to when I was a kid with my brother and sister and I think it was rock or alternative rock and right before course it said either phillmore or feel more or something more and the ore part was exaggerated like phillmoreee then it went into the course part and ALL the instruments started playing . I can only think of the lyric and idk if that’s even the right lyric cause when I was a kid I associated that lyric with the phillmore cartoon cause I liked to watch that and thought that’s what it said.

Sara Margarette Blanquera

Please help me to find this song. It was sang by a man, the lyrics of the chorus is:

What if I told you how I feel
And how I dream about you and me
My heart has speak eventhoug my lips are sealed
What if I told you how I feel


I’m looking for a song:

“can you tell me if we ever be together cause i don't know, i don't know what you want, oh no no i dont.
Could this last forever..”


I'm looking for a song lyric start with :

"everthing should forget, everything should deny… "


I'm looking for a rock song that I really don't know the lyrics it goes like "sleep in peace there's nothing but tommorow


I'm looking for a rock song from the 90s that has lyrics that go like this:

"Do you remember when the man said not to stick your wet tongue out, things you promised to keep quiet, all you wanted was to show you never thought to question, you never made a sound, you would worry about the future enough to get you down.

"Your mother wants a new face, one that doesn't look so mean, and your sister gets her wisdom from the beauty magazine. You never think to question, you never make a sound, you would worry about the future enough to get you down."

"A million sound bites running in a day."

I tried to look up the lyrics to this particular song, but nothing pops up. It is an alternative rock song from the 90s and I was just wondering if anybody knew what the name of the song was.


I'm looking for a rock song from the 90s. The lyrics go like this: "Do you remember when the man said, not to stick your wet tongue out? Things you promised to keep quiet. All you wanted was to show. You never think to question, you never made a sound, you would worry about the future enough to get you down"

"Your mother wants a new face, one that doesn't look so mean and your sister gets her wisdom from the beauty magazine."

Anybody know what song this is? It is an alternative rock song from the 90s.

mina kassemi

please need the name of this lyrics' song
do u remember , the days in December ? waiting for snow to fall down .. i do remember now it sounds like its yesterday ..not really far away days when moments pass .. and time is standing still.. and i see blue skies ..beyond the grey and i’ve held onto yesterday


Looking for a song it’s female singer. Lyrics can be ‘what did you tell me tell me one more time (hook) ‘i hate speak’ ‘you love yourself’


I'm looking for a song I heard at work. The chorus goes: 'It doesn't matter what you do, what they say, you'll never be perfection.'
And another one: 'You are the reason, the reason to believe in me like I believe in you. I want to guarantee to keep it real.'


"you see what we dooo, I am always on the mooove see the sun is trueeee 1995.... I couldn't remember the rest...


Trying to find a song about a guy who loses his girl friend to a guy who was always waiting for them to break up!
The music video is like them having a party!

IJEOMA Okonkwo

i'm looking for a song from the dance scene of this movie - 'love on the other side'.
It goes something like this -

Gotta feel it, gotta feel it.
it's something in the air you cannot see,
a night like this .... electricity...

that's all i got.
please anyone?
thanks in addy.


Looking for a song and it's a indie guitar rock song with a male singer probably released within the past 10 years. The chorus kinda goes like:
"Why'd you do it, I want you to know"
This bit is kinda screamed in a heartfelt way (if that makes sense)
Heard it in a pub garden but neither shazam nor Google would pick it up.
Hope someone recognises it, had it stuck in my head for ages :)

From The Beast(or Biseuteo) 2019 (Korean Movie)

i'm looking for a song from the lyrics
 "like i was love you why can't we start again"
 "oh how i miss you, if i could just kiss you now"
"todays the beginning ................... wedding,why can't we start again"
 a melody of the song may be jazz or something like that pls help me
thx you so much


Looking for a song I heard in a video. The video was " $1500 Gaming PC Build Guide - RTX 2070 SUPER i7 9700K (w/ Benchmarks) " by Joey Delgado song starts at about 22:25. Love this song, but I have no idea who made it.

Harvey M.

I looking for a song that has a lyrics like

"I wanna trust somehow, It's a crazy world,
I wanna hold you now just like boy and girl"


I'm looking for kpop song with lyrics like bing bing bing bing and leon. i dont understand korean so all i remember is bing bing and leon. i think that group is disband already :(


Please, help to find a song. The lyrics I remember is "what's right what's wrong". The genre is electronic and it sung by a man and woman.


Looking for a song with these lyric notes:

‘There are some things that I can’t explain, and some things that are worth waiting’

The tune:

Ba ba ba ba babababa, ba ba ba ba ba-ba baba

Alanah W.

Looking for a song sung by a woman with the lyrics:

"I wake up on sunday morning, feel that ache inside my heart, I can't hold on any longer we're second from falling apart. wasn't like any other summer...
CHORUS: Hearts breaking on the dance floor, you'd better hold on so they don't take you down. Hearts breaking on the dance floor, you'd better move fast don't ever slow down"

(I heard it on a Snapchat video from 5 minute crafts 😅 Please help if you can!)


Am looking for a song that starts like this; I don't know anything don't know what's possible but anything and everything seems possible, I need someone to guild me whenever am falling down, falling down, may be an dreaming...

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