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I heard this song a while ago at the end of a YouTube video. The lyrics I remember go “and she said, step back I’m about to attack, strap on your goggles and get ready to react.”

Roy Callant

Searching for a house tune where a woman keeps singing:... So tell me how you really feeeeeeeeeel and i promise and i promise that i (do you fine?) and i promise and i promise......


hi, im looking for a rap song that goes like this in the end ''and one more thing, to all those who help make this reality you know who you are from the bottom of ours hearts i'd like to thank you for your support one love'' found the music on tony ferguson live on instagram

Pharrel Ansah

Help! I'm looking for the that i heard on vh1 jumpstart. Listen closely.

mike hardy

From the movie "the gift" that came out in 2000
At about the 23 minute mark, the group is in a country club, and
a band is playing in the background, and some of them get up to
dance, and you can hear the song ending with the words "im doing
my best not to open with I love you. Itrs a rock ballad.

Bryan Harris

Please help heard an alternative rock song in Burgerfi and the lyrics went something like “ and I’ll seeeeeeeee over to you” or “and I’ll seeeeeeeee onto you” I’m not sure what the s word was but that’s what the chorus was.


Baby come and take my heart
Let the spirit loose control
Baby come and take my heart
Let the song inside your soul


I'm looking for a radio song sung by a single male with the lyrics "Tonight its the end of light." It's a rock song with guitars. It sounds like something from the 1980s to more recent. What is the name of the song and who sings it?


Hi, I am looking for a song by a female artist. Some of the lyrics are- "I'm worth it", and, " I'm not afraid of a little hard work." It was on the Rookie a while back, playing during the workout scene.
I am also looking for the recent Pepsi zero song. The one where it shows a hand pouring pop into a glass of ice. No people in it singing. It is a male artist, and some of the words are "Everyday we're going to celebrate, even when it's not too sweet". And "Best thing, best thing, girl, you're literally the best thing".


There was this song it has the lyrics like

“You held my heart you had it all but now you’re in the bed with someone else” and a beat drop is there after few more lyrics
I remember watching a YouTube video where the singer’s girl cheats and he moves on then she comes back.


PLEASE HELP! There is a deep house song which is kind of trippy that I heard around 2015. There is a woman’s voice at the begining she moans and I just remember the words “I see you as I see” I’m not sure it is exactly right but this is the closest I came. I am trying to find this song since November. Drives me crazy please help me.


I'm looking for the name of a song and it goes like:

"We got to keep it moving,
We got to never stop,
We got to keep it moving,
Make sure that we take it to the top.."


‘Takin' over the streets Gonna live forever Got the world at our feet Gonna live forever Just drunk on power At the top, every hour Every minute, every day, our way In your face, check it’

Does anybody know this song?


Am looking for a song that goes like. " I never thought that loving you could be so easy... Cause it feels like... cause it feels like the rain in the sky and I can't stop loving you".


Hey I’m looking for a song from the second episode of the “Love is Blind” on Netflix.
The lyrics is:
“If you only knew how much I loved you,
Tell me I’m the one you’ve been dreaming of.”
The song is like smooth, slow and somehow it is remixed with some techno sounds.

Nicci Sea

Evening Star by Cannons


Nicci Do you know what song that was close to the end of episode 8 when jessica and mark start kissing it went "lets not try to waste your time.... somthings been on my mind... then it cut to a scene with gianina and damian.

Shravan Patel

I'm Looking For A Song ,"i've been On,I've been on my way for a long-long time.......You've been on,you've been on your way............Plz Help Me Find it.?


Looking for a 2000s pop song (i think) sung by a girl that sounds like Taylor Swift (not sure if it is her but that is what this person sounds like). some of the lyrics I was able to hear include something about dancing, following (or calling) the rules. also caught "and she's so pretty and she's so strong" I have been trying to google these lyrics for about an hour and have come up with the same results every time with the song "shes so high" but that is not it.


I am looking for the song on the Pepsi zero commercial. There are no people in it. Just a hand pouring pop from a can into a glass of ice. Some of the words are "best thing, best thing, girl you're literally the best thing" And another singer {sounds a little like Portugal the man}. " Everyday we're going to celebrate, even when it's not that sweet". Thank you.


I heard this song while at a MOJO bbq restaurant. I tried like heck to remember the lyrics but all I remember is.
something to the effect of "I wear what you dress me in" and the refrain seemed to be "Am I coming home again" or something LIKE that. Female singer, very fast paced sounding song.


Looking for a song; don't remember a lyric, nor the tune. I do know what it's about: guy goes into a bar, about to pick a fight with a stranger, and the stranger, an older man, starts listing off injuries and scars he's picked up because he's never lost a fight, the lesson being it's better to have not fought then to have won one.

Moral Man

I'm looking for a radio song played in a Stop and Shop supermarket. It's a rock song by a single male singer with guitars. I couldn't understand what the lyrics were. All I could understand are "Tonight, it's the end of light," or "Its the end of the night." The only lyrics I could make out are "Tonight," and "Light." That's a very vague description. As for the song's melody, it sort of sounds like "She's a Runaway," by Bon Jovi. It sounds like something from the 1980 s or more recent. What is the name of this song and who is the singer? It's one of the most awesome songs I have ever heard and stands out.


Looking for a song that sounds kind of robot and goes
"Welcome to our fanciful dream"
"Are you ready?"
"Meet you"
"Come here, bae"
"Next to you"
"Change for you"
"Gradually love you"
"Respect you"
"Find you"
"Always love each other forever"

Ishwor Dahal

Looking for a song featured in the spanish series VIS A VIS season4 episode 2.... I only understand "me llamo chico balado y nací para ganar."

Ju franklin

Leyenda de Chico Palado /Alex Olmedo


some lyrics are " I used to take on the world on my own, for I was so strong", classical genre

Bob Loblaw

looking for a song that sounds very similar to the intro to Endless Fantasy by Flux Pavilion. It has a very catchy chorus song by more than one person.

something like "and we don't need you anymooooooore"

Please help!


Hey guys im looking for a classic hit in not sure of the lyrics its male's goes like "when i am down u bring me up...well that one reason😍..." and the chorus " won't u come my way " I dont know it's a very nice deep voice I have been trying to get it for years


THANK YOU! You helped me and my friend find a song we’ve been looking for for 8 years. It is you are where I live by Alexa vega


Guys hi! Help me find song “im grateful yeah she always said forever it felt like years but we met in December i gave her everything but i guess you don't remember you were only for a night like swipe on tinder”


I'm looking for a song with these lyrics "and I got to let you know that you mean the world to me, my future wife and the mother of my kids"

Jeremy Brown

Hey, there is a song that I have been trying to remember, and I'm not even sure if it is even a real song, but, I can only remember part of the song, one verse goes, "Looking for you to start the fight." After that, or before that, I can't remember, if anyone can tell me, that would be awesome.

Nina Rose

I'm looking for a gospel song it goes like this
"It doesn’t matter what it looks like
doesn’t matter what it feels like,
I’ll worship through it all
Even when it’s complicated
and it feels like I just won’t make it,
I’ll worship through it all
Could someone please help me fine it

Brittany Bitch

Does anybody know this song I only heard like three lyrcis thooo

''I had a girl then I turn her to my wife, I may be goofy but I still take your life, I got a degree in jamaican(?) stuff like''

thats all a know but I cant get it out of my head


I'm trying to find a song that was sampled in another song. The song I heard it in is 7/31 by Abbot if someone is able to listen and identify it. Thanks!

emma rose

looking for a song possibly with an album cover with a weird rainbow string on it (its a very foggy memory and i haven't heard it in 5 years)
the only lyrics i remember are fragments, such as '...still i will find you.. all, iiiii am, is fo-or, -or youuuu are...' '..give away my pride' 'wide eyes'


I am trying to find a song sang by a female. Some lyrics are::

Mutual, mutual, is this energy between us mutual

It’s so very unusual

Say yes, ..... I want more, say yes, your love I do adore


Hi am looking for this song d lyric goes like this "If i should choose another you i would rather press rewind" i have searched but its showing me error

Elizabeth brown

The rapping is said by a girl and the chorus is sang by a boy and the chorus is really catchy. The rap goes like something “doing the right ?” “ “ Did you see” “ Always talking”. “ Always talking”


I'm looking for a song that I think is from some kind of a cartoon and it is probably about happiness and friendship or something like that. Goes like ( it's in your eyes, it's in the sky ..... felling happiness hurray (not sure about that part) .... so low, so low (or so long, so long). In my mind, it sounds like a queen song ar something like that. But it isn't. Thanks for the help.


looking for a song where the main instruments are brass such as the trumpet. the song sounds something like:

(what i can kinda make out) my world’s open i’m always falling

quite an old song and very popular


Hi anyone can tell me name of this song? A boy is walking down the road ,a road that brings a hope to some,to fight the ray of light and the magic purpose. Don't look down , don't look down!

Ben K

Hi, looking for a song that sounds like "just the other day.. where the sun's at (or sunset??) we should stay that way.
It sounds like an 80's or 90's song.
A twenty second clip of the song can be viewed here:



Hey! I'm looking for a song that starts off with an answering machine, a girl calls a guy n apologizes for something. Rain in the background, Interlude?? no? I don't know. I can't find it, Please help!


I see you
You see me
... just a feeling
........ I missed you sorry
your voice so sweet


looking for this song

"I'll take the time, got nothing to loose tonight
It took me years to find out that I made it"

Slow and sad sounding with a calming slightly raspy male voice


I'm looking for a song I've tried searching it online everywhere but I couldn't find anything similar to it, it played a few times at work

Here are a few lyrics I could note but I didn't understand half of the song's lyrics, I just thought the beat sounded nice:

Cause we're just lovers lovers lovers (???)
Over and over and over and over again
We shouldn't (???) where we couldn't reach
Oh I try to forget you
But you make me forget about myself

Cathy Smith

Looking for song by a male who is on a train with phrase last train home. Believe it had to do with his mother. He us looking out the train window while he aingd


This is going to sound ridiculous but hear me out... today a random song popped up on my spotify and I really want to know the name of it. However I have no idea what the name is, who it's by, or even the lyrics. The song title had 4 letters in it (it was an acronym) and used some combination of I Y O U N R or T. Something like "I.O.Y.R." In the chorus, the singer said something like "I'm on your radio" or "You're on my radio" or SOMETHING like that. I just can't believe I didn't save the song. Please help me


Hi, I’m looking for this relaxing song "People move around chasing the stars and search for who we are" Pls help

Regina Philange

Im looking for a song I heard play at 7/11.

It sounded like a female singer saying “go head and lie baby” in a up beat song. She sounded like Sia. If anyone knows this song please help! :(


hi im looking for old song like old song maybe 60-70ss with nice guy voice (like beatles style),i remember one this words "i will understand .. you will understand ..."


I am looking for a song " soft R&B" I only know the beginning that says - I was so wrong I was so blind, is from the Netflix series " love is blind" episode 2,
5: 34min but I cant find it.



Looking for it too ;(




Hi. Help with an ol school RnB song please Its a group. Lyrics(chorus) go something like this - "You are the music, you're song that plays over and over in my head..." Thank you


So a friend of mine is looking for a song that goes up like this:

i need to focus on what matters i don't care what you think;
 i really hope that i'll wake up and it was all a dream

She thinks it might be Eminem but she isn't sure, help us please

Fans of MØ

Hey!! can anyone help me with this lyrics'honey don't let me go,i just want to i love you...and like i just want to hold you tide...
          ☝️☝️☝️ i remember this lines....but im sure its correct n right!!! It's female voice.Someone if familiar with this lyric please help me.


Looking for a song that’s likely old (50s, 60s) and a man is singing about a woman, possibly says her name. At some point it goes something like “because I’m tired, so tired, of lovin’ you”


Anyone know this song??

i dont know where you came from, and dont know what u did my heart, he touch my soul like phantom


''and one more thing, to all those who help make this reality you know who you are from the bottom of ours hearts i'd like to thank you for your support one love'' help me find this rap song

Conner Ward

Does anyone know the song that goes
“There can’t be no other, baby I don’t even bother”


Japanese love song, "I live because of you only, I live because, we have love,"
Can you give me the song's title and lyric in Japanese & English, Thank you
I really appreciated it.


There’s this song I just heard in the store. It’s probably a decade or more old and the chorus starts with “and you know.” The singer kinda has a young Taylor Swift vibe in her voice. I believe there’s a part in there that goes, “and you know is all know.”


Hi im looking for a song with the lyrics of ''I like the moves you bring'' or something like that in it, I would like to say it was a summer song, It american I know that, there was 3 or 4 surfer looking dudes and they went on what I can only assume was a road trip or something to the beach with their girlfriends, I don't think what I am looking for is all that old somewhere within the last 10 years I want to say.

Izuna Ems

Looking for a song, i don't remember any of it's lyrics (song is about a decade old) but it begins with fire crackling sound along with a heart beat and has female vocals and it's real chill

Jose Santos

I'm looking for a lofi song that has a soundclip that goes something like "how do you want to be remembered?" "well i want to be remembered as someone who cared for his friends and family alot and i think that is about it." then it cycles through what a bunch of people would want to be remembered as.


What is the song that goes like
The world is yours to take
The world is yoursss to take
I ain’t got time to worry about nothin A hustle....


Looking for an instrumental mp3 of this song called Decadence of Aristocracy by Martin Tobias Lithner. I can't seem to find it anywhere after losing the mp3 and I remember finding it somewhere here back in 2018.


I'm looking for a song, there was a part in the song that says "no girlfriend no problem, I'm single not searching"


I was listening to 'Tornado of Souls' by megadeth. Right at 0:45 a riff starts playing that sounds almost identical to another song, but I can not figure it out. I think it's by Justin Timberlake or someone similar. Maybe Backstreet boys. Right after that riff it says something like 'I can turn you on' or something


Searching for song that goes with the same tune to this
but is english and goes

Summertime, lalalala, now im happy that i've found you.
or something along that lines


I'm looking for a song that starts singing something like this...
 I just can't live my life without you...
I know these probably aren't the lyrics but the chorus sounds like... Would you say something, would you say something...


im looking for a song, female singer "i dont wanna hide forever"


I am looking for a song that has a similar vibe to Are you with me- Lost Frequencies, at least it gives me that careless by the beach feeling.
I've heard it once in a noisy environment and Shazam was unable to identify it and i am not sure the lyrics are correct.
But the voice was of a female and I think she was singing something like ... wild flames .(some pause i think).. beats/hits/heats me through the night .. not exactly sure.
I believe it is from a DJ or an artist that composes the music but does not sing himself/herself

Chichi ike

Um I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "I'm standing in silence with one thought in mind,I am loved my God" it's a gospel song,please help me


I'm looking for a song by a female singer that goes like this

But we need to take some wings of a shoulder
This fight isn't over.
Can you let me be free tonight
I would need some time alone, not forever
Found this on a YouTube video


I'm looking for an old 80s song and I have the tune (which hels none of you) but the only pieces of the lyrics I think I know are something like:

at the hut (or maybe he is saying uh-huh) she was out like a light at the hut

So frustrating so I hope someone can help me. It was very upbeat and maybe robert palmer sounding almost duran duran sounding (but pretty sure not). Obscure song.


I was looking for a song by a black male artist. Some words are what do you think I would do at this moment when Im standing before you with tears in my eyes.

Mitch Parry

Song from the late '80s, heard once on "Nightlines" on CBC (with David Wisdom). I remember hearing that the band was called Our Sir Douglas to the Sea or something like that. The song was pretty droney, with a woman reciting the lyrics as though reading a poem. A lot of repetition in the lyrics, especially "I could have danced on his bones forever" & "His skin was cold. Will you promise me this?" Amazing song (only heard it once about 30 years ago but still remember some of the lyrics!)

Help Me :}

Hi, i am looking for song with these lyrics: there's a fire in the air that i keep breathing or something very similar to that. That song is sung by a man.

Mckayla M

I’ve been looking for this song for weekssssssss. And no matter what I do i can’t find it. But the chorus goes like “ Run away with me. We don’t got to tell nobody” And it has a reggae sound to so if anyone knows it PLEASE let me know!!!!


Im looking for a song that was played on the radio at work but can't find it it goes something like this

“YEAH! And I want you to know-oo-oh
Sayin, YEAH! Something something something
And I want you to know-oo-oh
And I want you to know-oo-oh
And I want you to know-oo-oh
And I want you to know-oo-oh yeah yeah yeah I want to know I want to know yeah yeah yeah


Hi I’m looking for a song that goes something like “I won’t play this old game taking this for gold chase(or chains?) tryna make my...” I didn’t get it right I heard it for like 5sec. It’s sung by a man in a rock/electronic style

Lateishaaa Rod

it started with a come ova and i got closer i put my hand upon her made her lose composure

Name of the song??


Need to find this song
Lyrics : Your body your baby im craving
When asked it touch it it feels amazing baby come back
See i take you swimming no chase juices are intoxicated baby come back
You close up from starting Playlist music we made me jut say this baby come back


I swear I heard a female singing a very melancholy cover version of "Plowed" by sponge in a recent movie trailer....but I can't find the songs, nor any trailer that has that song in it. Does this exist?


Hi guys. I'm looking for a song, I don't know the lyrics but the chorus is something like "Tenenenen" and the voice is looks like from Sam Smith


Hi guys. I'm looking for a song, I don't know the lyrics but the chorus is something like "Tenenenen" and the voice is looks like from Sam Smith


Can someone help! I'm looking for a song
"If i throw a coin in the wishing well, and all my dreams and wishes come slowly behind
i'm gonna get to where i'm going, slowly but surely im gonna


Looking for a song, don't know the lyrics, song name nor the singer, but I do know it starts with something like "D d dj mk" something like that, then you can hear the beat and a yell just like from PitBull when it goes "eeeeeeeuuuuu", then the lyrics which I don't remember


I’m looking for a song that someone used in a TikTok where he was picking up his kid from kindergarten and he didn’t know which one was his so he played the song and the kid started singing it


Looking for a song, early 2000s probably, easy listening/R&B/chill/funky vibe. Starts with a sparkling sound that alternates with a funky laidback beat every few seconds. Singer sounds like a black man with a soulful deepish voice, chorus goes something like "Whyyyyyyy naaa naaa... could it be? You and me?". After the chorus, there's a woman singing/talking playfully with an effect on her voice. Any hint appreciated. Don't remember anything more, remember hearing it on the radio as a kid.


Hey guys and girls,
I'm lookin for a song where the hook goes like "i'm crying." "don't"/"can't"/"can" "you hear me?". I'm not really sure if thats right, but i'm pretty sure that some of you will know what i mean.
Thank you for your help,


okay uhh i heard this song in a netflix show and i literally have not been able to find it fucking anywhere
the captions just said [western ballad plays] if that's any indication
"crash, bang, i met a stranger
a stranger that i knew
what happened to the lover
that used to be you?"
someone PLEASE gimmie some help here i am desperate to find it


I was actually looking for the same song for the same reason! The song is called "Stranger" by Spence Bare. I had to Shazam the song during the scene because I couldn't find it just by searching the lyrics online


me too, omg! the same show, even. Now i'm doubtful I'll ever find it


i’ve been looking for it too

Chandra Moore

I been trying to find this Michael Jackson song I been listening to him every since I was small I had his music on CD and it was one song by him I had liked I can't remember how it went doe 🤦🤦 all ik is at the beginning of the song he was talking and he was singing a lil bit but it sounded like he recorded his self doin it I think he and the song has like a chrisbroen type beat to it , it sound like sum chrisbrown would be in but that's all ik 😭🤦


Looking for a song or video. Lyrics; lisa..monalisa, you love oking perfect like the painting in the picture


Hey guys, I am looking for this song-“Dream dream, sing that song, if I can’t be with you, I guess I am gonna have to dream about you”


I'm looking for a song that I believe is from the '80s. The lyrics are a bit fuzzy in my mind but I'll try:
Look me in the eyes
Can you give me the sign in case I don't see
Out here on the streets
Close enough to (no idea what's said after this and before the chorus)
Good boys around tonight
They wear their jeans so tight


i'm looking for a song that i believe i heard it from natgeographic. i think it goes like " cause i don't mind if i'm wastin' up my time, for you. no no. no no. "

Madhu Desai

I'm looking for this song where the female singer goes "yaa" after each line sung by the male singer in one section of the song 😶😶 I know I'm lame I could not catch any lyrics but if anyone knows please helppppp


hi. iam lookin for the song from dr woo stories. it’s female very soft vocal.. there we words like “ life is like a.. like life..” smth like that.. help


i heard this song thats sung by a girl and she says something like, when we met at midnight and did all the dirty things, its very energetic and not romantic, please help

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