He must really hate C

17 March 2004   2 comments   Misc. links


Mind that age!

This blog post is 16 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

"This Kuro5hin user"n:http://www.kuro5hin.org/user/James%20A%20C%20Joyce must really hate the C programming language, but he must also know it very well. He's written a really long article about why C is such a bad choice of a programming language. If he's found so many things that are bad, how come he didn't stop using it and moved on to something better like C++, Java or Python?

I don't know C but I know the basics of C++ and compared to Java and Python it is pretty useless. However, it's bloody fast if that's what you're after. And a "more useful" programming language like Python is written in C.

So, if people realise that high-level programming languages like Python, Perl, Haskell are more useful for solving most tasks who's going to stay around with C and make sure we get these high-level programs?

The trend is to simplify programming languages and produce new ones that are easier to use. Surely we will always need low-level programming languages. For ever?



Everyone who tells you that c++ is useless is probably just the product of the sucky programming languages like java and python. shame

Peter Bengtsson

Yeah, "useless" is a bold word. Maybe I should say "productivityless" or "inappropriate-for-most-tasks-which-require-more-proptyping-than-speed"

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